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Increase your post-demo closing rates by sharing with your buyers one link to win and sign your next sales deal.

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Who is Notch for?

Notch is covering the buying process from the first demo to the sales-handover, helping you to impress buyers, increase deal win rates, and onboard customers smooth than ever.

Stand out from your competition

  • Personalize your sales follow up to impress buyers
  • Speed up deal momentum with sales templates
  • Automate your customer data with Integrations

Create a repeatable sales processes

  • Standardize best practices in the whole sales team
  • Know where each deal stands with task status
  • Analyze buyer engagement with analytics

Unlock the power of real relationships

  • Align with buyers on next steps with action plans
  • Get faster sales cycles by keeping everyone in the loop
  • Drive accountability and clear expectations with deadlines and tasks

Share a personalized deal room with buyers

Say goodbye to sales friction and hello to effortless sales success. Impress buyers with a personalized sales room where all information and resources are in one shared place.

  • Create fully customizable, branded spaces
  • Select from more than 20 interactive elements
  • Consolidate all your sales resources

Clearly state what to do next for deal success

Leave spreadsheets and lost follow-up emails in the past. Notch helps you create structured and engaging action plans that ensure the right people complete the right tasks at the right time.

  • Link spaces to action plans automatically
  • Create interactive tasks and milestones
  • Keep everyone updated with meeting notes

Use analytics to find important deals

Gain unparalleled insights into prospect engagement and buyer behavior. Use real-time data to identify hot deals, track content effectiveness, and optimize your sales team performance.

  • Uncover hidden buying intent
  • Qualify and convert high-priority deals
  • Improve forecasting accuracy with engagement analytics

All in one link, not a dozen emails

Notch is designed with both buyers and sellers in mind –  Share your workspace with a magic link without requiring your buyers to register.

  • Collaborate directly in the workspace without sign-up
  • Foster relationships and maintain transparency
  • Get on the same page with the buyer-team

Works with your CRM

Connect Notch with your CRM to save time and avoid switching between tools.

  • Use buyer engagement insights to buyer better lead scoring models
  • View latest interactions in your HubSpot activity history
  • Get started from the template library

Notch enables our customer success team to take our buyers by the hand so they understand at each point in time what comes next, what they need to do to, and most importantly, why completing these tasks will help them succeed.


Say goodbye to sales friction and hello to buyer success

Leave spreadsheets and lost follow-up emails in the past. Give buyers all relevant information in one interactive space

Enhance your prospect follow-up

Follow up on prospects with proposals that stand out from competition.

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Smooth handover to customer success

Ensure a flawless hand-off from sales to post-sales operations. Consolidate all deal details in a single interface.

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Eliminate buyer onboarding headaches

Onboard more buyers in half the time. Deliver a premium buyer onboarding process without drowning in manual work with mutual action plans.

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