Win and onboard your customers with a best-in-class buying experience

Notch is  a customer-facing buyer engagement platform for revenue teams, to collaborate with buyers on all the steps and timeline along the entire buying journey.

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Set up a personalized space for your customer

Give your buyers a single destination built just for them that provides an outstanding first experience. Which helps your clients remember you.

Invite all decision makers for ongoing collaboration

Just send the workspace link to share all tasks, milestones and documents. Your customers don't need to create a login to use Notch.

Provide clarity about the road ahead with step-by-step plans

Build structured, end-to-end action plans from demo to launch. Create milestones to provide clarity on upcoming actions and ensure the right people get the right tasks done at the right time.

Get customer engagement insights to improve the customer journey

Know what happens after you share your Notch page and where each customer stands at any time. Get insights about click behavior, engagement time, and more.

Notch is for

mutual action plans

customer implementation

closing customer deals

customer onboardings

key account management

Fits in perfectly, to blend into your workflows

Brand your space automatically, to save tons of time.

Your customer data unified in a single dashboard

Get the full picture instantly

Templates for everything, use a precreated or create one by your own.

Integrations and tool embeddings, to optimize workflows

People who use Notch said...

We were looking for a tool that makes end-to-end collaboration with customers during and after their buying journey easier and better. With Notch, we have a single shared interface that helps us guide each customer through our sales and onboarding process and streamline our key account management without having to switch between multiple tools.

Bertold Harmath
Co-Founder, Livebuy

Notch enables our customer success team to take our buyers by the hand so they understand at each point in time what comes next, what they need to do to, and most importantly, why completing these tasks will help them succeed.

Jean-Baptiste Collet
Customer Success Manager, Akeneo

Be among the first to try Notch, give your customers clarity about the next steps and grow your business.

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