Finally a way to collaborate with your clients on complex deals

Getting everyone easily involved to improve collaboration between teams in B2B sales

Communicate in a structured feed, instead of email threads

No more searching for your latest decision through endless email threads. Inform, discuss and track progress in a chronological feed instead. Easily notify all members on what's coming, no more "Sorry, I haven't seen that email".

Invite people from outside your company seamlessly

Loop in people from outside your organization to work in one place simply by adding their email addresses. No need to own the same product, because of our universal secure place that helps several communication parties to get their work done together.

Easily assign tasks, due dates and reminders

Plan out your next steps, milestones, share files and build polls with incredible powerful and easy configurable tables to individualize your project and replacing the need for sharing documents and spreadsheets.

Ready to collaborate?

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