Our mission is to build the next-generation customer relationship management tool for businesses everywhere

I wanted to say a few words on our mission, let's see if that resonates with you! We help teams work more thoughtfully. We started by fixing the way they shared knowledge, and built the simplest possible tool making all knowledge accessible, by default, in teams.‍

We work remotely, perpetually challenge how we collaborate and we put great care and passion in what we do.

If that resonates and you think you can bring us as much as we can bring you, we're excited to hear from you!

Why we exist

The sales process has become a hurdle

The sales process has become a hurdle

Today, customer-facing teams juggling too many tools to engage buyers, scattering crucial deal information across endless emails and various platforms. This fragmented process frustrates buyers and causes revenue loss.

We’re the solution

This is where Notch comes in – Notch is designed to simplify the buying and onboarding experience. We bring all elements of the deal into one collaborative space, fostering seamless buyer-seller interactions – from the first demo, over the onboarding to when they're fully on board.

Our team

We care deeply about the quality of our work

Notch was founded in 2021 by Tim, Viktor, Devin, and Alex. Today we are a product-driven team on a mission to build a category defining company that sets the highest bar for a product-UI/X.

Viktor Kessler

Co-Founder growth

Tim Dethlefsen

Co-founder product

Devin Lemcke

Co-Founder engineering

Diana Drescher

Product designer

Alex Sandau

Co-founder engineering
Our investors

Built for the best. Backed by the best.

We are fortunate to work with some of the best investors in the industry. Our backers include highly accomplished venture firms and some of the world’s most exceptional founders and product builders.

Sebastian Johnston

Founding Partner La Famiglia VC

Sebastian Haas

Co-founder Talon.One

Harald Ebrecht

Former investment director Acton

Jacek Strongowski

Principal cloud architect

Kilian von Berlichingen

High-Tech Gründerfonds

Oliver Manojlovic

VP sales Personio

Björn Schäfer

Former VP sales Urban Sports Club

Torsten Meyer

Sales expert and founder TestHub

Alexander Eitner

Co-founder MILES Mobility

Elias Russezki

Co-founder deltamethod

Max Renneberg

Co-founder Kalia Lab

Yang Zou

Co-founder GoTiger

Christoph Zöller

Co-founder Instaffo

Fabian Leipelt

Principal WestTech Ventures

Jörg Rheinboldt

Managing director Heartfelt Capital

Jerome Evans

Co-founder and CEO diva-e

Finn Wentzler

Atlantis Ventures

Ulf Kühnapfel

Co-founder virtualQ

Daniel Holzmann

BSH Home Appliances Group

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