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Welcome to the building blocks of modern documents that make it easy to build beautiful, interactive proposals and offers. With rich media embedding and custom branding.

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Drag, drop, and slash

Imagine if Notion let you not only create a proposal, but actually get signatures right on the page. Notch does that.

Offers and products

Build dynamic, interactive offers that clients can engage with directly.


Secure and compliant digital signatures according to the EU eIDAS rules.


Create and assign tasks within your documents to show next steps.


Visualize project milestones and deadlines within your documents.


Embed external websites and tools directly into your documents.

And 50+ more content types

Explore all different kinds of elements.

“A useful tool for organizing your sales in one place. Now you can simply send an email or message saying, "Hey, please check the updated proposal and leave your comments." It's amazing to have a place where you can organize buyers and everything else in one space.”

Jeisson Beltrán


Your doc, your domain, your brand

Display your logo, colors, and custom fonts in any doc. You can even host your docs on a custom domain to make clients will feel right at home.

1-Link Sharing

The only link your proposal needs

Forget juggling multiple versions and attachments. Just send one link, and your client can view, comment, and sign your doc from any device.

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Is Notch suitable for mobile use?

Yes, clients can view and sign documents on mobile devices due to our responsive web-based documents. However, for document creation and editing, we recommend using the desktop version for the best experience.

How does Notch facilitate collaboration?

Notch allows for real-time collaboration within documents. Team members can engage in conversations, manage tasks, and work together on proposals and contracts seamlessly.

Can I share documents securely with Notch?

Yes, Notch offers secure magic links for sharing documents. You can set access levels and share documents via public or gated links to ensure they are only accessed by intended recipients.

Can I create and reuse document templates in Notch?

Yes, Notch allows you to create and save document templates, simplifying document creation by allowing you to reuse and customize templates as needed.

Does Notch support embedding tools like Typeform and Loom?

Absolutely. Notch excels at embedding multimedia content such as videos, images, and interactive elements directly into documents, making them more engaging.

How does Notch handle digital signatures?

Notch provides a seamless and legally binding digital signature function. Documents can be created in the editor and signed directly within the platform, ensuring a smooth and secure signing process.

Can I track the status of my documents in Notch?

Yes, Notch provides detailed tracking and analytics for your documents. You can see when a document was viewed, who viewed it, and any actions taken, such as signatures or payments.